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Mining News in Review: BTC Miners, Expands & Investments

Check out BTC mined, sold and holdings, here is a recap of key metrics of mining companies in the industry for you!

Read more in our latest Mining Industry News:

🏒 Companies and financing

@TeraWulf announces 17M of incremental capital @powremines begins mining facility construction in Paraguay @jkl_group is setting up 50M Bitcoin mining fund

πŸ†• Technology

🟠 New BTC miners: Avalon A13 series:

🟠 New HNS miners: Goldshellminer HS6 SE

Canaan Inc. Launches New Generation of Bitcoin Mining Machines
Popular Miners - Mining Revenue Comparison - F2Pool

βš™οΈ Policies

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ UK lawmakers vote to recognize crypto as regulated financial instruments.

UK Lawmakers Vote to Recognize Crypto as Regulated Financial Instruments


Bitcoin Mining Council Q3 report: mining efficiency up 23%, sustainable power mix was 59.4%

Bitcoin Mining Council Survey Confirms Year on Year Improvements in Sustainable Power Mix and Technological Efficiency in Q3 2022 - Bitcoin Mining Council

πŸ’‘ And the insights by @LisaLiu031 about the recent weeks on the summary page.

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