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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin: Price Analysis, November 2

1/6 — HTF Thread

BTC The 20.8 nPoC was finally hit, briefly broken, so if anything we go towards 23.4 in order to take out the high just below it.

It definitely doesn't look 100% bullish, 17.8/17.6 are still the daily lows and we can always reverse here back to the ol' range.


ETH Compared to BTC, ETH looks way more bullish. I've shown this chart a few times before and it has played out quite nicely —

1150 FVG was tested and now the OB. 2.1-2.3k is possible, but I would still sell some here.

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ETH / BTC I had been waiting for 0.06 since September but it didn't play out. Instead 0.076 happened, reason why ETH rallied this much.

Little tip here: when this happens (your targets not being hit nor frontran) you want to keep in mind price will end up going there.


SPX Practically the same paradigm than BTC and ETH, except this has played out better. Both of the gaps were respected and (as you see in the quoted Tweet) VWAPs from tops get a small deviation (in this case to nmPoC)

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Above nmPoC we only have 4050-4100, if even that is broken, expect another extended bear market rally.

The Fed is definitely not U-turning anytime soon, but at least there's no indecision on rate hikes (literally everyone agrees on 75bps for November 2nd)


Conclusion Both crypto and indices are at decent resistance levels, I gave you the most important levels to look at for continuation of the rallies.

I'm snot 100% bullish — still keeping a lot of cash and if anything I'll sell the upside (accumulated spot on the way down)

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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