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First of all, I am sorry for not being here these past 2 days, urgent matters occurred altogether at the wrong time.. Anyways, I don't think anyone following me these past few weeks was surprised by this pump.

You can check the daily updates one by one, there is clear evidence that we killed every single move of this pattern following our main view in every post.

Picture 1 was a September post of my daily market follow-ups with VIPs. We were alerting them from early November that revisiting 21 ~ 22 K area will be due sooner or later, even though the pattern took it's time to complete.

These services are premium ones but I will still hang around here for a while before returning to VIPs, just for you to have a taste of what real market analysis looks like.

Now let's follow-up on where we've left. I was urging you to aggressively buy BTC back from the CPI drop expecting a 5 waves move to the upside in order to complete a flat wave 2 (purple), before diving deep down into the crypto abyss.

Last time we were working on the second wave of upside (blue wave ii) and I mentioned that we finished it and should be impulsing in wave 3 soon. You witnessed the impulse right away. Now where are we ?

__Picture 2 - 3 :__

We are still in blue wave 3 which is the biggest one. This wave consists of 5 waves (black). We are in the process of finishing black wave (iii) of blue wave iii. I expect we finish it somewhere around 21 K.

We should correct afterwards in black wave (iv) to around 20 ~ 20.3 K before doing one last spike up to around 21.6 ~ 21.7 K so we finish blue wave iii.

We still have blue iv and blue v to finish the overall 5 waves move somewhere around

22.5 K as previously expected, and we have a fib cluster around that area supporting our idea. If you didn't managed to get in some longs, you can still scalp long but swinging will be harder.

I am not shorting yet, wait for my green light to initiate big shorts.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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