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Let's do ETH now. Look at the tagged post, picture perfect Before / After ! We were very clear and precise with the ETH expectations throughout the daily updates.

I also mentioned few weeks back that we might witness ETH outperform BTC for the first time after the merge during October, and that's what we are witnessing right now. Beautiful stuff ladies and gents !

Now let's follow-up. ETH also is in its third wave of upside and seems that is due to finish it before BTC. We still have the 4th and the 5th to complete the 5 waves move and start going down.

I believe 1600 ~ 1672 will offer a great rejection zone for potential 'first try' swing shorts. In the short term, we can witness a small correction to around 1400 ~ 1450 area that could be scalped long.

We have an alternative for ETH that can give us a higher correction up to 1.8 K which I won't bother you with at the moment because I would anyways expect a decent rejection at 1600 ~ 1670 that should bring prices down before thinking of another wave up to 1800

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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