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A BASE'd Portfolio: A New Target For Crypto Movement

A BASE'd portfolio centers around:


2/ BTC is the OG of it all, the digital counterbalance to central bank & government excess, its 21M units represent a liquidity mirror for society.

3/ ATOM sits @ the center of the thin pieces, loosely joined crypto movement, pulling together zones of sovereignty and infinite customization.

4/ SOL is composable consensus near the speed of light, it's the most pragmatic and enterprising of the four, while still retaining its soul.

5/ ETH represents all the optimism and idealism that red-pilled many a crypto believer & builder, and offers the most risk-minimized, Internet-native yield available.

Staking it is the metaverse's T-bill.

6/ Naturally, Placeholder holds all 4 -- all investments can be seen here:

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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