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FED PIVoting: BTCUSD Pushing Ahead With PCE Coming Soon

I don't think people understand the importance of the near-term election & PCE coming up almost same date pce btc dxy spy crypto

Thread 🧵 1. FED is being politically motivated to pivot on the near-term election & if we go lower then expected on PCE.

2. Equity & crypto will rally expecting a 50 bps instead of 75 bps - This goes against what the FED being saying this whole year. Why before the election?

They getting pushed by the politician

3. Reality is everything is still going up & inflation have not being beaten yet they will consider to pivot - funny how WSJ article with fed pivoting got leaked & Mary Dale from the FED who flip flopped after months

saying no pivot to we need to cool down

4. This will bring FOMO back & short term bulls but reality is a crash is still in a higher end long term with a recession - Don't become exit Liquidity NFA ALWAYS DYOR

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