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Market Place 8/8/2016 – The ‘Bloodbath’ Of Crypto

1/8 What’s happening in Crypto by @BiverseTech 27 Oct 2022

💰BTC Price: 20,669.25 🔋Hashrate: 257.13 EH/s 📊Difficulty: 36.84 T Bitcoin BTC cryptocurrecy Crypto airdrop Blockchain climate

💰Bitcoin 2/8 Bitcoin regains 20K after almost weeks of wandering around the confidence threshold.

3/ Mining profitability now an “absolute bloodbath” as hash price fell to 0.055 after the 3.4% upward difficulty adjustment. More miners are mining at a loss as hashing capacity bates, and most models become less efficient even not owing to energy cost.

4/8 Bitcoin miner Cleanspark aims to raise hashpower to 5.5 EH/s after achieving year-end goal of 5 EH/s months in advance. The hashpower boost came after the company’s acquisition of Mawson Infrastructure Group’s Georgia-based bitcoin mining facility.

5/8 Cleanspark is one miner that’s managed to weather the crypto winter and further used the downturn to the company’s advantage when it obtained miners at a “discounted price” in July.

6/8 Aspen Creek Digital Corporation announces 30MW data center capable of hosting 10,000 ASIC miners, co-located with a new 87MW solar farm in Taxes. Inauguration of the project will mean additional power generation resources for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

7/8 Compass Mining will be first to be hosted by the new facility, deploying around 9,000 mining rigs and getting 27MW of power out of the 30MW capacity at this stage.

💹Market Place 8/8 Bitcoin mining stocks performance varied on Wednesday, October 26. Cipher Mining, Argo(+42.47% on LSE), CleanSpark(+6.94%) and Northern Data(+6.77%) were among the best performing stocks.

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