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SPX: #BTC 20,000 Changed 20 000 Times, Now Turns Out To Be a Victory

Isn't it weird how BTC 20,000 used to be an impossible price you were super dumb if you mentioned over 50,000 but now it's seen as a mighty victory for the bulls?

I think it's turning off 20,000 zone, pretty soon.

Same can be said for 3800 SPX.

I remember when it was contentious to say SPX may go under 4000.

I got banned from BTC "Trading" groups in 2021 for posting analysis of how it was possible we'd go under 30K. For perspective.

I found an old pic from when I was trying to teach theta sellers how to hedge short puts risk while SPX was 4700.

Should have seen the abuse I got for this.

These 76 retracements proved useful.

Here's the move in context.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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