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Bitcoin Workshop for ElSalvador: Education Still Hurts

Good morning, BTC

community, I'm going to create a small thread about the use of hardware wallets in ElSalvador . After more than a year of the implementation of the legal use of Bitcoin

in ElSalvador , education continues to be the Achilles heel of the government.

education continues to be the Achilles heel of the government, when the law was implemented there was no educational campaign in any media, anywhere, and the few people who know him, did not have the resources to help an entire country understand the operation of Bitcoin

I have always been a low profile person,but thanks to the support of many people in the BTC community,worldwide I was encouraged to share what little I knew about Bitcoin from when I started mining in 2012 and had to leave it,for not having the economic resources to buy a miner

Until today, I have been discovering all the advances that the community has been creating to help Bitcoin become what it is, which for me is being free and sovereign of what you have, whether it is a lot or a little, but what is really yours

Right now I have the opportunity to meet incredible people who day by day help me continue to deepen my knowledge of Bitcoin, and who at the same time make me share what little I know about Bitcoin in a simpler and more popular way. , with laughter and lots of F@ words

In this walk I discovered for myself one of the best Hardware wallet projects that exists @SeedSigner , easy to assemble, easy to use, but it shows that you have a great responsibility in your hands,

That's why I came up with the idea of creating a workshop for my Salvadoran compatriots, to learn how to use one of the best tools to learn the value of freedom and sovereignty, and stop entrusting their bitcoin to third parties.

so that's why I ask for your help community BTC, there will be 4 workshops, 2 in San Salvador and 2 in San Miguel, so we need to raise funds to be able to deliver a @SeedSigner

to each participant, we need to collect funds for 70 @SeedSigner

I am not in charge of fundraising, I have to thank @MyfirstBitcoin_ , because thanks to them these workshops will be held at home, so do not hesitate to contact @SeedSigner

or @MyfirstBitcoin_ , if you want us help give this workshop

my part is to make people who know a lot share with us a little of everything they know and help my dear ElSalvador, to be free and sovereign Thank you @SeedSigner

and @MyfirstBitcoin_

for helping us learn a little more every day

this thread became very big, but I thank each one of you who make this possible, a big hug and LFG!!!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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