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Let's follow-up on ETH also and maybe talk a bit about possible high time frames alternatives that I never presented yet on ETH.

I want to remind you that we always follow our main scenario, and leave alternatives in sight in order to prepared in case our main got invalidated.

__Picture 1 : Main scenario __

Also here nothing changed, I believe ETH is in correction mode now in wave (iv) and that one more leg up to around 1650 ~ 1670 is still due before falling.

*Potential wave (iv) support levels : *

- 1508.7

- 1455

__Picture 2 : Alternative number 1 _

I kinda like this alternative and it wouldn't differ much from the main. It would only suggest higher price targets for ETH before falling. Here the 1800 level would become a big level to short.

And this alternative suggests going one more wave up after correcting from the 1600 ~ 1670 level.

__Picture 3 : Alternative number 2 _ This scenario here suggest a flat in primary wave 4 before doing the big move down. Technically speaking, it is feasible. Do I like it ? Well.

I will leave it as the last alternative I would refer to in case my main view got invalidated. Keeping it here for info.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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