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Going Leveraged: How to Leverage $BTC and $MATIC on Polygon

Thanks to @DefiLlamas yield strategy guide, I'm moving my BTC and ETH off Avalanche to Polygon's @0vixProtocol,">@0vixProtocol where I'll be leverage yield-farming.

How I do this is first convert everything to AVAX, then bounce it to Polygon as MATIC via @Bybit_Official

Now that the MATIC is on Polygon, I convert ~ 10 to MAI on good ol' @SushiSwap then supply that to the @0vixProtocol money market.

Then I swap MATIC both to BTC and ETH on @SushiSwap and supply both to the @0vixProtocol marketplace.

Now we create the leverage yield-farm by looping MAI. First I borrow the maximum allowed amount of MAI.

Then I IMMEDIATELY turn around and supply that borrowed MAI back to the @0vixProtocol marketplace.

This is the MAI-loop. I keep borrowing and supplying MAI to leverage its yields returned both on the supply- and borrow-side.

When, eventually, I do collect yields, I'll swap 50% of the yields to BTC and 50% of the yields to ETH. In this way, my leveraged yield-farm grows my BTC and ETH bags. NEAT!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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