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When $btc Price Is Down, You Won't Spend It

Here's how btc works for spending when you have 100 mil worth. When prices are up in dollar terms, you spend more. When prices are down in dollar terms you are encouraged to not spend it at all. It's a transitory currency for the wealthy, useful during periods of debasement.

This does not work for the NON wealthy because capital must be spent at all times for living expenses. There's no alternative cash flow to tap allowing the avoidance of btc expenditure.

No matter the country this is applicable. For the US it's most applicable, but for countries with shit monetary policy and rampant debasement the calculation adjusts accordingly.

The biggest burden is that btc does not work without multiple sources of income to facilitate transitory periods of time where it's a *self inflicted policy error* to spend it.

Bottom line is when btc price is down is should NOT be spent, as spending it defeats the use case of it.

The problem with the Bitcoin narrative is that it's not cookie cutter, not one size fits all. Financial management is DIFFERENT depending on the overall wealth, and quantity of income streams, of the market actor.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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