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Utility Coins: The Next Big Bull Market?

Interesting price action today:

Bitcoin bounce, makes 2-3% and altcoins with strong fundamentals make 10% and more.

What will these coins do if there is a bear market rally and BTC goes to 25-30k?

These are the projects that will make huge gains in the next bull market. 👇

We have reached the Bitcoin bottom or are very close to it. The next bull market will start with utility coins. These are for example the top winners of this week (not all, but many). 👇

Especially MLT, a German company with huge experience in the media industry bringing content creater and audience together. All this in web3. Great CEO @HendrikHey1 a project with huge fundamentals.

In my opinion a coming giant.

Take a look at @MILCplatform

Likewise, I am incredibly bullish on MTRG, ROUTE, METIS, LOOP, QNT, MNW, PYR, ENS, VRA. All coins with real utility. In my opinion, these are all no-brainers.

Once the world economy calms down, interest rates will fall, central banks will print money again.


This is the moment when money will flow back into the crypto market. In addition, the big players in the financial industry like BlackRock, fidelity, etc. will be involved.

We are in for a gigantic bull market.

The only question is... When will it start?

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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