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Why the Terra-Luna Crash Was No End of the Crypto Game

Here are some thoughts on why the Terra-Luna crash wasn't the beginning of the end of the crypto game. BTC ETH NEAR ROSE GLMR AVAX MATIC MINA (1/8)

It is quite possible that we will never again see an "alt run" comparable to 2017 and 2020/21 after the Terra Luna crash mercilessly exposed the dark side of the crypto world. However, a number of factors speak in favor of a "phoenix from the ashes" scenario. (2/8)

In contrast to the stock markets, the crypto markets are accessible 24/7 and exhibit significantly higher volatility. Countless defi protocols enable next-generation casino gambling. Access to this world is simple: a Binance account is enough. (3/8)

While governments can simply close stock portfolios and savings accounts of individuals for political or criminal reasons, this is not possible in the crypto area if decentralized applications are used. (4/8)

If the police confiscate a ledger, for example, they will not be able to access the crypto values ​​without the password. The vision of the "cyberpunks" to create an uncensorable money has come true today. (5/8)

While it doesn't look like it right now, continued inflation could fuel BTC's original narrative of being a "hedge against inflation." An exploding BTC price could trigger another "alt run" (although there is no compelling causality here). (6/8)

Of course, nobody can see into the future and the emergence of another "alt run" is by no means as natural as some representatives of the "cycle theory" claim. (7/8)

However, anyone who believes in the future of the crypto market should prepare for it now in the bear market. And I have already outlined the safest variant in previous threads: Invest in L1/L2, which already have a high degree of qualitative adoption. (8/8)

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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