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SPX Sellers Are Determined to Stay Short, but I Would Not fade!

GURU DIGEST 🐂 @ey_pablo U still bearish ANON?

@leadlagreport have FUN staying short!

@GameofTrades_ SPX sellers are DONE!

@IncomeSharks OBV pushing! I would NOT fade!

@davthewave If I were a BTC betting man...

@leadlagreport Any bear narratives left?

@ey_pablo Send it!

NEUTR. @Trader_Jibon up but but below 21720 still a bear market

🐻 @Adityaroypspk Mind upcoming events! 21k retest

@profit8lue Double top reversal LIKELY so like this tweet if you want to buy at 10k!


@beeteeceeee ADA crystal clear bullish divergence

@ey_pablo SHIB green dildo next week for Shibarium?

@Adityaroypspk all bullish swing targets on BNB done

DIGEST add-on:

@trader_koala We'll get a candle to 22k. you'll regret TPing at 21k

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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