PurePriceactionTrader - 18 Yrs Exp #3crSquad
PurePriceactionTrader - 18 Yrs Exp #3crSquad 2 minutes reading from Bitcoin

Breaking: $btc # BTCc #btc – Massive Margin

I just did my lines on btc bitcoin from scratch and timed myself, mn,w1 and d1 lines for nearest, most recent levels that may affect price

10 mins work, this is d1, looks a mess right, m5 will no doubt have plenty of gaps (not looked yet)

Wow, m5 surprised me tbh, monster gaps, I better get to work filling in some h4s and see whats what

Big recent moves mean big gaps, lots of trade opps

I added a few h4, but tried not to add too many, only to the area blue box in 2nd pic for now

m5 with a few recent h4s added

m15, same levels as m5, mn,w1,d1 and h4

Really glad I did this, 25 mins work, eye opener for me btc bitcoin btc

Wow, nice move, smashed into a weekly flip zone

Turns out it disregarded the h4s, maybe drop them on weekend cryptos, just use mn,w1,d1 levels

Always learning from priceaction btc

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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