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AltLayer: A Two-Month Blockchain Game

🤫Two Month Recap AltLayer (September - October)

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🗣Twitter Thread (0/17) AltLayer Web3 Crypto BTC ETH NFT

/1 It's been an outstanding two months with AltLayer. During that time, a couple of events happened that deserve our attention. Let's dive into the past couple of months of AltLayer's life🙌🏻

/2 At the end of August, Altlayer announced a partnership with @darkforest_eth and the launch of an interesting event. The goal with this event is to showcase AltLayer's capabilities in hosting a large-scale blockchain game that runs all its core game logic on-chain🤝

@darkforest_eth /3 ⏲The event started on September 9 and lasted 2 days until September 11.

As a result, the top 20 participants received their exclusive NFT OGs. It turned out to be one of the most intense and successful gaming events on the web!💸

@darkforest_eth /4 More than 200 players participated in the event. The top scorer scored over 15,000 txns in just 2 days! Thus, the total number of game txns was about 189,000, which equates to 94,500 txns per day.

AltLayer Web3 Crypto BTC ETH NFT

@darkforest_eth /5 Statistically, txn is 90% of daily txn on @optimismFND and >60% on @Arbitrum This is more than enough to support any fully on-chain games in the market now and in the future.

@darkforest_eth @optimismFND @arbitrum /6 On September 22, @alt_layer co-founder @jiayaoqi hosted the @MessariCrypto conference as a speaker on "Learning Life for Crypto-developers: Tools, Tips and Tricks"

AltLayer Web3 Crypto BTC ETH NFT

@darkforest_eth @optimismFND @arbitrum @alt_layer @jiayaoqi @MessariCrypto /7 Of course, it is impossible not to mention the fact that AltLAyer has been widely publicized by sources such as @Yahoo @Cointelegraph @CryptoCoinShow

@darkforest_eth @optimismFND @arbitrum @alt_layer @jiayaoqi @MessariCrypto @Yahoo @Cointelegraph @CryptoCoinShow @AutomataNetwork /9 In addition, on September 30th, @alt_layer announced support for @encodeclub. 'Layer Hack, which is a 4-week hackathon dedicated to Layer 2 solutions from October 17 to November 28.

AltLayer Web3 Crypto BTC ETH NFT

@darkforest_eth @optimismFND @arbitrum @alt_layer @jiayaoqi @MessariCrypto @Yahoo @Cointelegraph @CryptoCoinShow @AutomataNetwork @encodeclub /11 The month of October began with AltLayer founder @jiayaoqi talking about elastic scaling layers and touching on Altlayer's plans. October 11.

😎Lots of useful information that impresses anyone...

@darkforest_eth @optimismFND @arbitrum @alt_layer @jiayaoqi @MessariCrypto @Yahoo @Cointelegraph @CryptoCoinShow @AutomataNetwork @encodeclub @EFDevcon @ethereum /13 Then we saw that @alt_layer was invited to @ETHLisbon.">@ETHLisbon It seems to me that this is one of the most anticipated events that the community is interested in.

@darkforest_eth @optimismFND @arbitrum @alt_layer @jiayaoqi @MessariCrypto @Yahoo @Cointelegraph @CryptoCoinShow @AutomataNetwork @encodeclub @EFDevcon @ethereum @ETHLisbon /14 Next, @alt_layer was invited by @CelestiaOrg as a Modular Fellow.

👉🏻You can read more here:

@darkforest_eth @optimismFND @arbitrum @alt_layer @jiayaoqi @MessariCrypto @Yahoo @Cointelegraph @CryptoCoinShow @AutomataNetwork @encodeclub @EFDevcon @ethereum @ETHLisbon @CelestiaOrg @foboclub /17 @alt_layer is really growing before my eyes and I'm glad I joined in time. You can find more news on the official AltLayer Discord server:

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