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Here’s Where to Find New NFT, The First NBA Center On Cardano

I entered crypto in 2014 with BTC & DOGE.

I entered NFTs with GPK on WAX in 2020 & met @UsmanPatel_ He invited me into Top Shot on FLOW.

I explored ETH NFTs & found @ETHMENOFFICIAL I became friends with @spilliaer who told me about @spacebudzNFT on ADA in 2021.

Because of SpaceBudz, I fell in love with ADA. In 2021 @Stagwolf & myself created @BizarreStarsNFT, the first basketball set on Cardano. We helped onboard a lot of new people to ADA.

S1 is only 2000 NFTs, comprised of 10 NBA Stars, each having a unique border & background.

In order to have minted Bizarre Stars Series 1, you needed to hold the S1 Promo set of 7.

This was our WL and we sold out in 30 minutes and we never made it to the public sale.

Series 1 also has Collectors Rewards for holding certain S1 @BizarreStarsNFT.">@BizarreStarsNFT

Here are examples of The Freak and Phantatum!

Here are some examples of S2 @BizarreStarsNFT that are in the main series.

S2 will have 23 new players combined, in the main series and in collectors rewards.

What’s coming next for @BizarreStarsNFT?

We have big plans!

Series 2

Series 3 which is a limited series of collector Rewards.

NFT Staking

Bizarre Token

Holders will be dropped a formula that is redeemable for a new NFT.


New NFT is playable in a 🏀 game!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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