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What is it the Greatest Work of Bitcoin History?

After 174h PoW and more than 3 months of

progressing through the white space I finished my most ambitious project. It is also my first BTC graphic. Can I start such a project again tomorrow ? Absolutely not. Is this the greatest work I will ever create ? If it's up to me, no.

Since I have described in great detail the stages of work in my blog,here I will outline only the main points.

"We Are All Satoshi" is a story about the early history of Bitcoin.The graphic is my contribution to immortalizing some of the biggest events that happened in the...

early years of adoption. In chronological order,6 of the most important events in Bitcoin's history are presented, and the main scene is the introduction of the technology to the world by Satoshi himself.All the figures are being portrayed wearing the Guy Fawkes mask,which has...

become a symbol of the peaceful fight against injustice and oppression upon humanity.

Main scene-The Genesis

The main scene in the center of the composition shows Satoshi himself introducing Bitcoin technology to the world.Depicted at the moment of digging block 0 on 3 Jan...

uary 2009, he holds the physical manifestation of Bitcoin in his right hand.

On his sides are drawn 7 of the earliest developers who helped Satoshi.The Bull and the Bear symbolize the ongoing emotional balance between skeptics and optimists about Bitcoin technology.

Scene one- Two Pizzas

Scene one introduces one of the most interesting and early stories in Bitcoin history. On 5.22.2010, Laszlo Hanyecz agreed to pay 10,000 Bitcoins for two delivered pizzas.This is the first transaction in which BTC has been used to exchange real value.

Scene two-Silk road

The central figure can be read as Ross Ulbricht.He symbolically connects two peers holding their hand,at the moment of exchanging value. In the background

other users communicating with each other, realizing that Btc works and can be used to exchange value.

Scene three-First BTC ATM

On 10.29.2013 a Robocoin machine opened in a coffee shop in Canada.This machine is understood to be the world's 1st publicly available BTC ATM.Around the machine are gathered a group of peers and one of them will use the new service for the first time.

Scene four-MtGOX event The man who lost a lot by freezing the withdrawals from the exchange is depicted in the center. Another one is holding him up, and giving him reassurance. Around them are figures holding lists of all the addresses of the lost bitcoins.

Scene five-1 Trillion market cap

Significant achievement for a piece of software that worth nothing 12 years ago. The scene depicts two peers observing the merkle tree of the block 671275. Đ•ach leaf symbolizes a transaction that occurred during that block.

Scene six-The El Salvdaor event

This will surely go down as one of the most significant events in Bitcoin history. The scene depicts how a elected person in position, hands out the Bitcoin symbol to a group of people.

Some of the easter eggs hidden into the artwork.

The sphere count. I wanted the smallest detail of the work to have hidden meaning and knowledge. Choosing the number of decorative spheres is one such example. All along the vertical of the compositions in the middle-Silk road..

The Genensis block and the 1 Trillion market cap there is a reference to the numbers 3,6 and 9. Numbers deeply encoded in the processes driving Bitcoin forward. Here at the top of the Merkel tree the number 9 shines with its power.

Even the longest journey begins with the first step. When a person looks back,often he says "If I had known what I had to go through,I wouldn't have taken the first step". However,the result of what has been achieved is in many cases great and the experience you've got invaluable

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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