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BTC Bitcoin Stretch: “BTC’s Nearly Complete�

btc Thats the way I like it atm in 2 counts...can push a 5 already there as well to be finished.

Do have some other counts as well to push up in another leg but not fond of it as much,

The 2nd count can be part of a Combo or an A wave of a Flat.

eth with this similar the area of a 3rd or C at the 1.618...and in the golden zone.

To push out towards fomc and reject then would quite possibly be a scenario to finish a possible diagonal then.

When I mentioned could be part of a combo, for people not familiar with EW, something like this

Not fond of this so much as then you are pushing the time for a 1/2

2/2 correction much longer than the actual impulse down...unless its part of something else.

But BTC is nearly capable of doing something to the extremes so its possible..just falls outside natural balance then

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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