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We Generated 417% Return in 5 Months Just Taking 2 Trades in a Week

How We Generated 417% Return in 5 Months, just taking 2 trades in a week

We started trading BTC with 1000 in June & as of today, the capital reached 4174

The fun part is all the trades were shared on twitter & telegram.

You can match all the trade logs with tweets🧵

We started trading Bicoin with 1000 Capital & Rules were as follows:

1. Only Swing Trading with 3X Leverage 2. Weekly 2-4 Buy/Sell Trades

3. Average Stop Loss around 3-5% & Target 6-12%.

4. Risk-Reward = 1:2 5. All entry, stop loss & profit booking were shared on twitter

Why Bitcoin only?

We wanted to use leverage and Altcoins have volatility issues.

The Technical analysis & levels of BTC works best and it is one of the best instrument having good volatility

For Altcoin, we have a separate group => AltcoinPro

Maximum 3X Leverage

We don't recommend using leverage more than 5X.

All the screenshot you see on twitter with 20X or 50X leverage is pure gambling.

When you use high leverage the drawdown is high & eventually you blow up.

You can't continue if you can't survive

Trading Strategy:

We trade based on the "Macro + Decision Point" Trading strategy.

Important levels are market and trade is executed once prices are accepted or rejected at that level.

Here is an example of DecisionPoints

How You Can Generate Similar Returns🤠

I regularly post trades & learnings, so you can follow me @cryptomangal

We run a premium membership in which we trade alerts along with stop loss & targets are shared. So you can join it here :

CM Pro

- Crypto Swing Trading Program

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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