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$DXY, $BTC, $ETH: Price Update: Last Leg Of Pullback?

Market Update: - DXY - ES - BTC - ETH - altcoins


Decent pullback so far almost reaching S/R and 100D EMA.

Has swept the local lows which could indicate end of pullback.

Getting above D1T is key to resume upward trajectory.


Swept the lows and reclaimed June lows which triggered a bounce.

Counter trend bounce has extended to key S/R and 100D EMA.

Clear close below this level is key to signal reversal of this upward move.

This will line up with DXY continuing up.


Broke out of the daily range and found support at range high and D1T flip.

Approaching S/R res and 100D EMA.

Pullbacks to 19600-20000 offer long opportunity, however if this level does not hold it is likely that DXY has bottomed and ES has topped -> BTC will follow.


A lot stronger than BTC but at resistance now.

Pullbacks to 1370-1430 offer long opportunity, but if BTC strength remains and we don't see DXY bounce hard, we might not go that deep & bounce again off 100D EMA is possible.


Showed clear signs that ethereum was going to outperform bitcoin.

H4T oppression was clear, followed by period of ranging with compressed EMAs.

Breakout of this range and then multiple H4T retests offered entries.


SFP at key S/R and D1T rejection could position LUNC for making a move down.

Stoch RSI almost in overheated zone.


Very strong last week, reclaimed multiple S/R levels, but has found resistance at 200D EMA.

Will only look for shorts once D1T has broken and S/R levels are lost.

Stoch RSI is very overheated.


Bearish retest of range low, SFP at S/R and D1T rejection.

Confluence with overheated stoch RSI.

Looks bearish af to me.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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