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Halloween! Happy Monday!

HappyMonday and Happy Halloween!

If you fear talking to your family about bitcoin, use this thread - It is a starter for ten and the simplest way I could put it! If you can think of a simpler way to put it, let me know in the comments

🧵⬇️ BTC Blockchain

The Internet by itself allows for the transmission of data.

Blockchain by itself allows for the transmission of value.

Bitcoin is the first successful blockchaintechnology

to deliver the transmission of value in a decentralized


BTC also happens to be a currency which has an inherent value due to the amount of work required to get it (Proof of work). It is also seen by many as a store of value (like Gold) in that there can never be any more.

In fact it's probably better than gold as a store as assets because gold miner produce about 2% year on year.

Having a deflationary asset in a world of economic inflation, at least for me, stands as a good argument across the test of time.

Your assets do not lose value by the printing of money, only by market capitalization which can otherwise also increase.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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