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The Lightning Network Works great, but it Doesn’t Need Customers

A thread 🧵 about the lightning btc network. I’ve been experimenting & playing around, learning & reading all about it. I’ve got 2 lightning btc wallets. @MuunWallet & @Breez_Tech both work fab, both are easy to set up & to send BTC over the lightning network. I sent myself

Very small amounts of btc and it was pretty much instant & very low costs. So. It defo works. BUT. What problem does it actually solve? I can understand why countries with no banks or unsecure banks might like this as it clearly solves a problem. But. Why would I use it here to

Buy a coffee? Makes no sense. Using Visa, Mastercard or Apple Pay works perfectly well, it’s super simple & rarely any issues. I can’t see it getting much adoption In countries with reliable banks. So. In conclusion. The lightning btc network works great. I just don’t see a

Reason or need to use it. Maybe I’m mad, maybe I’m missing something. I don’t see mainstream Crypto adoption till folks don’t realise they’re buying stuff using crypto. Just my 2c. Have you tried it? What’s your views? Ps. It’s great for merchants as cost of sales is reduced.

But they need customers to use it & BTC is still too volatile.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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