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‘The Crypto Story’ Gets ‘Mildly Interesting’ – Interesting Reads

With BTC finally taking off away from the 19k support the past week - things have started to get "mildly" interesting again!

So did the uptober finally delivered? And as @krugermacro pointed out - are weak hands mostly gone?

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Rahul Ligma dodged a bullet

Must Watch!

Following a heated blog post exchange, FTX CEO @SBF_FTX & Erik Voorhes debated crypto regulation on @BanklessHQ

SBF vs. Erik Voorhees: How Do We Regulate Crypto?

So did SBF lose the debate? Will write more about it in next weekly musing! Don't forget to subscribe 🔽

The Crypto Musings - Revue

Interesting Reads!!

▶️ Key takeaways from the 40k words of “the crypto story” by @matt_levine

10 Takeaways From Matt Levine’s‘The Crypto Story’

▶️ A funny, yet serious and insightful guide for the “I’m going to learn about investing” journey by @netcapgirl

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