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($KAS) Next Generation PoW: “The Fastest PoW Blockchain Ever”

If you missed Bitcoin early on, don’t miss this next generation PoW blockchain that solves the shortfalls of BTC. I am talking about @KaspaCurrency I’ll show you why I am so bullish.


1) Problem

Satoshi’s vision of Bitcoin was that it became a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, but bitcoin turned out to be a store of value, or e-gold. This is an enormous achievement but leaves some room for improvement.

KAS is aiming to fill this gap. Lets dive in🧐

2) Use case

KAS is in line with Satoshi’s vision and the fastest PoW coin (Nakamoto consensus) on the planet. It’s aiming to become a L1, like ETH, BNB, ADA, SOL and MATIC. Except it will solve the blockchain trilemma, something I have not seen a PoW blockchain do before.

3) Consensus

The GHOSTDAG consensus is the underlying blockchain mechanism powering KAS. In this blockDAG named GHOSTDAG, a block is not limited to be chained to 1 block, but it can be connected to different blocks. In other words, parallel blocks instead of a linear chain.

KAS is currently producing 1 block per second, with an instant initial confirmation and a 10 second final confirmation time. When the RUST coding rewrite is complete the blockDAG is expected to produce 32 blocks per second.

This number will eventually ideally increase to over 100 blocks per second🤯

You can view the blocks in real time here. I urge you to watch, very interesting:

And for the full details, the GHOSTDAG whitepaper:

Kaspa Graph Inspector

4) Team

This “team”, as it is a community owned project like BTC, contribute to the network without ownership. If you want a truly decentralized blockchain, irreversible and something you can’t fuck with (@GoingParabolic this is the way. So, who are these contributor then?

This team consist of the real crypto OG’s, not some guys that started in 2017 and call themselves OG’s (including myself😂). It's being built by experts in cryptocurrency and computer science who have dedicated their lives to pushing the advancement of digital assets and finance.

The founder of DAGlabs, the organization that founded KAS, is Yonatan Sompolinsky (@hashdag He co-created the GHOSTprotocol with his Ph.D advisor Professor Aviv Zohar in 2013. The GHOSTprotocol was cited in the ETH whitepaper🔥

Other well known crypto experts working on KAS are @MichaelSuttonIL @DesheShai @Elichai2 and @OriNewman

More info and their linkedin can be found here

Team - Kaspa

5) Tokenomics

Like BTC, KAS is fair-launched in November of 2021 with no pre-mine, zero pre-sales, and no coin allocations. Kaspa is 100% decentralized, open-source, and community managed. 13.8 Billion of the total 28.7B KAS are in circulation, making a market cap of 25.3M.

6) The ultimate PoW L1

Imo this is the first PoW blockchain that has the ability to achieve L1 adoption, as it is has instant transaction conformation and is scalable beyond anything I would have expected to be possible for PoW.

Although Kaspa is already the fastest, most scalable and secure PoW L1, the goal is to implement smart contracts, defi, and Layer 2 application over it.

I'll be here to use these applications 💎

7) PoW versus PoS

One of the main discussions within the Crypto ecosystem is wha consensus mechanism is superior, PoW or PoS?

See the pro's and con's below and lets have a look at them in relation to KAS.

PoW is more secure and more decentralized while PoS is normally faster and more scalable, until now: insert KAS. Another con of PoW is the energy intensity of the consensus mechanism, KAS uses an algorithm that is efficient and makes it less energy intensive.

8) New consensus mechanism Although the KASPA GHOSTDAG tech is superior right now, they are already working on the new DAGKnight consensus.

This mechanism will have it all.

-Nakamoto consensus -Rapidly converging linear ordering -Responsiveness to actual network latency

For more on this groundbreaking tech, see

Shai Deshe ❤️💜💙 on Twitter

9) Potential

Silver to gold, currency to store of value, KAS to BTC.

Imo KAS has the potential to complement BTC. Imo it has the ability to help grow the crypto ecosystem in a truly decentralized, scalable and secure way in this 2nd decade of cryptocurrency development.

Therefore, KAS could be able to have a BTC like run in the coming years🚀

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