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$BTC Medium Timeframe Analysis

BTC Medium Timeframe Analysis

Scenario 1) So how do all of these ideas eventually fit into one picture? Just subdivide the larger counts and fit it into your bias of how you would see the shorter timeframes. It all depends on if this is the beginning or ending of something.

The above scenario works on the idea that the diagonal is leading us into either a 1-2 or AB of some sort. All of the shorter timeframes is just leading to some hybrid of upside and downside on the shorter timeframes. No diagonal looks good at the moment until it plays out.

Scenario 2)

Again, no matter how we put in a diagonal, it won't matter until the shorter timeframe plays out. Here is another diag idea where it can end earlier w/ a better look. This idea shows us that we are working in the beginning of a new structure like above.

Scenario 3)

In this idea, the diagonal can be bigger, but wave 3-4 of the diagonal is also questionable because of the choppiness. This idea is working on the idea that we are nearing the conclusion for wave B and ready to move down for the LARGER B wave.

Scenario 4)

And finally, the idea that can also lead us to the previous range high around 24K. This idea is very unpopular to me, but it's the only way I can count it if we are are going to go up. This would finish off a possible 3-4/A-B structure on the primary macro timeframe.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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