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Tulum Paradise, Mexico’s Best Well Being in Latin America

Give me two minutes and I’ll explain how you can ground your digital assets btc eth into realestate in Tulum Paradise, Mexico…. CryptoInvestor cryptocurrecy Bitcoin Ethereum investment

Tulum has become a haven for those seeking to build a new, sustainable international community. With only 75 minutes from Cancun international airport hub. It’s the perfect place to make investment. Why?

Tulum holds a great reserve of fresh water running in its underground rivers and caves. It is located just minutes away from the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve.

Tulum has made a name in becoming the best well-being destination in Latin America. The perfect place for digital nomads and conscious expats.

Re-founded as an independent town in the mid 2010’s, Tulum is slowly becoming a small city surrounded by amazing landscapes, natural wonders and a lively international culture

From October to January, Tulum hosts some of the best electronic music festivals in the world with amazing venues in the middle of the nature, from the beach to the jungle and surreal underground caves and more.

Mepaki is a new community designed for visionaries, Crypto investors and defi entrepreneurs located in the hearth of Tulum, just a walking distance from beach paradise

Mepaki is composed in the first phase by 8 deeded lots that you can purchase with Bitcoin and Ethereum. This project is exclusive for those related with the Crypto and Defi future

In a privileged location, Mepaki® opens a universe of possibilities for the brightest minds, where you can build a whole new world in a pristine, decentralized, magnificent and inspiring environment. RealEstate Bitcointrading Bitcointrading BitcoinCash

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