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Become a Part of the Blockchain Revolution

(1/9) Wondering WHY you should be a part of Konma? Well, here are the reasons for it.

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(2/9)We are a Decentralized & Community-driven org. Here, you do not just follow but also get to maketherules. Here, everyone is heard and can participate in the decision-making process of this self-sustaining environment.

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(3/9)Are you someone who always loves to learn something new? You can do that here at Konma via our in-house industry experts who will help you learn more about the niche you love and upskill yourself.

Konma KonmaDAO konmahood web3 metaverse meta crypto cryptocurrency

(4/9)Cannot find people who share your interests IRL? You just might find them here at our borderless & inclusive communities. This means that anyone from around the world can join us & get a chance to interact, exchange ideas & Network.

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(5/9)Blockchain is the future and it will be the driving force behind Web3, which will create a virtual world that is decentralized & secure for all its users. At Konma, you too can help build this future by participating in discussions, projects & communities.


(6/9)College students and other enthusiasts can enrol in our Flair program to experience a decentralized org by taking up internship roles they prefer like Web Developer, Web Designer, Content Writer, Marketer, Community Manage etc.

Konma KonmaDAO konmahood web3 metaverse

(7/9)Interns will also potentially be provided with employment opportunities after a screening process, where they will get a chance to work with industry experts on projects & build their portfolio as a stepping stone for bright future careers.

Konma KonmaDAO konmahood web3

(8/9)Aspiring entrepreneurs can create projects in over 16 sectors ranging from Blockchain, Agriculture, Waste Management, Entertainment, etc., and we will help them take a step further in realising their dreams by funding their dream projects.

Konma KonmaDAO konmahood web3

(9/9)So, what are you waiting for? Enrol with us for a chance to be a part of the Blockchain Revolution. Follow the steps mentioned in our next tweet for enrolment.

Konma KonmaDAO konmahood web3 metaverse meta crypto cryptocurrency blockchain cryptomarket ethereum

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