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Adamnite Product Roadmap (Web3)

Adamnite Product Roadmap 🗺

A1 - Programming language anyone can learn. Dashboard - Monitor everything. Mobile Wallet - All your assets secured and available. App Store - A curated directory of blockchain apps you can trust. 🧵

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A1 - Write applications in a familiar environment that borrows from popular programming paradigms (Python and WebAssembly).

Here it is compared to solidity:

Dashboard Client - Validate and secure the blockchain without needing to have an insanely powerful computer or knowing low-level programming.

We are building a super sleek GUI that gives you access to all the complexity in a simple way.

Wallet - Everyone should be able to use a wallet without having to worry about their assets or where they kept their secret passwords.

Adamnite is building a Web3 wallet that feels as familiar to use as a Web2.

App Store - A curated and validated directory of apps you can trust.

App builders can submit their apps with necessary information. Adamnite will review code and smart contracts to ensure the legitimacy of the app.

Adamnite takes no fees.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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