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xRhodium – Who’s Behind ‘Bitcoin Rhodium’

I stumbled on this and should be our first clue about who's behind xRhodium. Screen-grab of Satoshi commenting on P2P and TOR.

Guess what?

is based on TOR. XRC is the native coin of

(highlighted) BTC Bitcoin


Decentralized Anonymous Marketplace
Decentralized Anonymous Marketplace

Posted November 2008 message from Satoshi Nakamoto who discussed ideas about creating a free market on the Bitcoin Blockchain offering goods and services. Later, developers who came alongside Satoshi removed the market place code. This image above he references TOR.

In 2017, Bitcoin Rhodium’s anonymous developer publicly promised a Free-Market TOR based P2P market-place. The founder of the project went by the name of "Henry." Many speculate because his life was threatened, and this is why he had to leave the project.

As of today, he has not returned, nor seen anywhere online. However, there are a handful of anonymous developers still working on xRhodium and the


Decentralized Anonymous Marketplace

The pure lack of exchanges and lack of motivation to have XRC on them is compelling to say the least. xRhodium devs wrapped XRC at the end of 2021. This was to bring XRC to the Binance Smart Chain. Who was this founder of XRC?

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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