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STH SOPR Showing Positive Signals, But The Bottom Is Still On&G

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<BTC - LTH & STH SOPR Showing Positive Signals, But The Bottom Is Still On>

Recently, as STH-SOPR has risen, there have been many inquiries regarding it. SOPR is a great indicator of how market goes and participants are realizing their returns.

🔵 SOPR: Realized Profit/Loss Indicator - above 1.0 means participants making a profit, below 1.0 means making a loss

Short-term gains in STH-SOPR are impressive, but it is appropriate to look at the long-term (monthly) rather than the short-term when checking whether the bottom is coming to an end. Currently, the LTH & STH SOPR is running similar to the 2018-2019 bear market bottom.


- Continuing to improve 🟡 after recording a low in 2022.06

- However, please note that the rise in the past month🔴 is a temporary trend, as the amount purchased from the low in June was realized when the recent rise.


- After 2021 ATH, there was a continuous decline and a negative situation, but LTH capitulation started to ease from 2022.07. → Entering the recovery phase🟡

- However, please note that the temporary divergence🟠 is a temporary peak due to the massive sale of LTH, which was purchased at a completely low price at the very beginning of the coin.

- Since the recovery is slow, a full-scale recovery of 1.0 or higher is still unknown → the bottom is not over yet.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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