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7 Things Bitcoin Can Learn from $1 Million Asset Class

Bitcoin as an asset class has many use cases. With a limited supply of 21M, BTC will only grow in demand over the next decade.


1/ Bitcoin Fundamentals

Bitcoin is many things but most importantly cannot be counterfeited, seized or controlled by governments.

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2/ Bitcoin as a Store of Value (P1)

BTC is known as sound money. Let's go through its properties and why they are important.

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3/ Bitcoin as a Store of Value (P2)

Here are 3 other properties that make sound money and BTC important.

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4/ Bitcoin as a Currency Inflation Hedge

Bitcoin is NOT a price inflation hedge, but rather a CURRENCY supply inflation hedge. This is often misunderstood by people.

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5/ Bitcoin as a Peer-to-Peer Payment Network

The scarcity of BTC alone does not create value. On top of sound money properties, it also has properties of a payment network which is very valuable.

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6/ Bitcoin as a Safe Haven Asset

With inflation increasing across the globe, purchasing power has been decreasing. While USD is currently considered the safe haven asset, what happens when the U.S starts to print money again?

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7/ Bitcoin as an Asymmetric Bet

Asymmetric means low downside risk and high upside risk. If you want to be financially independent, invest in fundamentally good assets.

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