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What’s Going on with Bitcoin?

1/7 What’s happening in Crypto by Biverse 01 Nov 2022

💰BTC Price: 20,439.28 🔋Hashrate: 265.20 EH/s 📊Difficulty: 36.84 T Bitcoin BTC cryptocurrecy Crypto airdrop Blockchain climate

💰Bitcoin 2/7 Industry, communities and enthusiasts celebrate Bitcoin White Paper Day to mark the 14th year since Satoshi Nakamoto first published “Bitcoin: A Peer-To-Peer Electronic Cash System”, the original manifesto of Bitcoin.

3/7 3 Bitcoin mining records had been set in October. Hash price tapping new low at 66,500 per exahash on 25 Oct; difficulty reached a lifetime high at 36.84 trillion on Oct 23. And despite low price and high difficulty, total hashrate reached new high at 325.11 EH/s.

🥶Crypto Winter 4/7 Mining giant Argo Blockchain faces grim outlook as stock plummets. The company revealed on Monday that it had failed in recent plan to raise 27 million with investor. 3,843 of its Bitmain S19J Pro machines have been sold as a way to maximize liquidity.

💹Market Place 5/7 Most stocks tracked by Biverse on Monday with Argo Blockchain (-43.65%) leading the decline.

✍️Opinions 6/7 Neil Jacobs on Why Bitcoin’s most important quality is decentralization:

Why Bitcoin’s Most Important Quality Is Decentralization

7/7 The Bitcoin white paper is far from a comprehensive definition of the Bitcoin network and too many have forgotten that. By Shinobi:

On This White Paper Day, Remember What Satoshi’s Original Publication Is And What It Isn’t
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