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The Altcoin ‘Coinlist’ Raises Coinlist

Warning to all... The agoric project is like the members of the cartel who wear a tie in the morning, and in the evening commit atrocities. They took advantage of San Francisco's reputation and US law and raised coinlist. What's the story?

agoric BTC coinlist

It started on coinlist and people contributed their money on December 29th In millions of dollars. coinlist has not announced a seed round price of 0.02. People waited 9 months and it was listed on houbi at the beginning of September.

agoric btc coinlist

It wasn't random, it was planned because in November the old investors since 2019 can sell everything, and the small investors have their coins locked down by 50%. Even the money they earned was used to travel to Colombia and trivial events. agoric BTC coinlist

They kick people out of the Telegram group, as if people are slaves to them. They took advantage of people's trust in American law and coinlist. I hope the crypto community can help us stand up to those who insult people and deceive minds agoric btc coinlist

This woman is a member of the agoric team. She was or still works on the flare network project. flare network is a scam project that has been deceiving people for two years. I wish people would react not for me but for everyone else. agoric btc coinlist

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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