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Trioathon To Introduce Trioathon to Address Real-World Problem

🧵 Btc Trias THREAD: Problem of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain: The biggest reason that there are so many cryptocurrencies is that there's practically no barrier to entry. Anyone who wants to create a cryptocurrency can do it. Even if you have zero technical Know-how🧐

Btc Most successful cryptocurrencies still have a purpose or goal. Developers create cryptocurrencies in hopes of using blockchain technology to solve a real-world Problem..

Btc Since it has become extremely easy to make a cryptocurrency, the amount of money in crypto has attracted people trying to make a quick buck...

That will change soon with Triathon in ecosystem of @triaslab TRIAS. It will allow every currency into the market after verification with. finally all investors will know exactly which ones are scam and which ones are safe...

As soon as it gets acceptance of project developers, this system will establish itself in the blockchain and eliminate the doubts of new investors. This is way into the future Trias

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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