Chris 3 minutes reading from Bitcoin

Alleged BTC-E Admin Gets A Boost From The Upside

Awaiting these new local levels BTC

A closer look

I was awaiting that GP bounce my orange & yellow marker

My major GP area is just a rocket 🚀 away 😉 Bitcoin that marker has not changed. Just needed confirmation from levels I observed.

It in motion. Confirmation will be a break of that white fib line. It’ll be dibble & dabbling locally until my arrows decide where she goes

Above Thee green locally roughly located 20,4ish

Stormed though that M shape at my levels. Check it out lol

Smaller timeframes be doing some stuff lol

This is a big to do. Level to level either direction. A lil favorable locally

21 & & my 1.414 in route as of now BTC I don’t play no games.

Bust through my first target yea it’ll 🚀 BTC

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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