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Taking A Look at the Upcoming Bitcoin ASIC Mining Chip

1/5 Taking a Look at the Upcoming @intel AXG Blockscale ASIC Mining Chip

Coming into the market as specialized mining hardware, the ASIC miner has driven the bitcoinmining market towards tremendous growth and progress. BTC

2/5 The likes of Intel have now started creating mining-specific products, such as its latest Intel AXG Blockscale ASIC mining chip.

3/5 Dispatched earlier than its projected launch date, the AXG chip has garnered quite some attention, but how well does it fare compared to other ASIC devices? Furthermore, what are the implications of a technology giant getting involved in the mining space?

4/5 A closer look into Intel’s new ASIC chip will allow us to better grasp the current landscape of the Bitcoin mining space, the technologies driving its innovations, and the role of ASIC Jungle in the ecosystem.

5/5 For more on the Intel ASIC chip article; visit

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Asic Jungle - Taking a Look at the Upcoming Intel AXG Blockscale ASIC Mining Chip | Asic Magazine
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