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QuickSwap V3 Rewards For Combo Swaps, QuickSwap.io

Sweet and Honey is dripping from the dragon! 🔱We’ve added rewards for MAI - BTC and MAI - agEUR @QuickswapDEX V3 📢Provide liquidity V3 by selecting your pairs to earn trading fees ℹ️Stake and earn a share of a massive 23,000 QUICK/day 🤭🤭

The best APR’s is here

Do you have an idea on how to provide liquidity. You don't want to miss this opportunity Let's ride⭐

Here is How to provide liquidity on QuickSwap’s V3 on @0xPolygon

ℹ️Step 1. Go to QuickSwap V3

Go to

and connect your wallet @MetaMask @TrustWallet

ℹ️Step 2. Go to Pools

To provide liquidity on @QuickswapDEX V3, you need to go to the Pool page from the top menu.

Note that you may select the liquidity model you want to use on this page. Select the V3 pool for providing concentrated liquidity on QuickSwap V3. ⭐👍👍👍

However, each LPL is free to choose the desired model to use for their liquidity, and you can easily switch between V2 and V3.

📢Step 3. Select assets to provide

You can provide any pair as liquidity on QuickSwap V3.

Now you know how to provide liquidity on QuickSwap V3. Wait np more. Enjoy the rewards and the APRs DragonRoar

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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