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U.S. Government Charges Two Chinese Officials with Attempting to Bribe US Officials with Bitcoin

Two Chinese intelligence officers allegedly tried to bribe US officials using Bitcoin 🕵️🔎 Here’s what happened!

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The US Department of Justice has charged two Chinese intelligence officers after they reportedly attempted to bribe a US government employee with 61,000 in Bitcoin. This is an attempt to steal information from the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York.

According to their statement, the operation began in 2019 when Gouchun He known as ‘Dong He’ and Zheng Wang also known as ‘Zen Wang’, approached a government employee who was a double agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

They allegedly sought documents related to a federal investigation and prosecution of a Chinese-based global telecoms company known as Company-1. It was later revealed that the corporation is Chinese tech giant Huawei.

If convicted, Guochun faces up to 60 years in prison while Wang faces up to 20 years. The charges themselves include conspiracy to forcibly repatriate PRC nationals, attempted obstruction of criminal prosecution, and conspiracy to act as an illegal agent of a foreign country.

Blockchain intelligence firm @elliptic revealed its analysis of the Bitcoin transactions and said that both of the Chinese agents used @wasabiwallet to conceal the transactions.

Source: Decrypt; Bitcoin Magazine Photo: rnaol

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