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Meet Michael Saylor: The Man Behind ‘MicroStrategy’

He became CEO at the age of 24 His company currently has a marketcap of 2,45 bill He is the named inventor on 40+ patents His company owns 0,6% of the total BTC supply

Time for a thread on this BTC maximalist & his company 🧵🧵👇👇

Who Is Michael Saylor

🔸 Co-founder, Exec Chairman and former CEO of MicroStrategy

🔸 Chairman of the board of directors of MicroStrategy 🔸 Was the CEO for over 30 years before stepping down in 2022 🔸 Saylor is a Bitcoin maximalist

🔸He has purchased over 100k BTC for MicroStrategy 🔸He uses this strategy as a hedge against inflation 🔸He refers to Bitcoin as digital gold 🔸He claims that BTC is 100x better that physical gold

Who Is MicroStrategy

🔸US-based publicly traded company that provides business intelligence, mobile software & cloud-based services 🔸Founded in 1989 by M Saylor, S Bansal & T Spahr 🔸Currently has over 2,000 employees

When Did MicroStrategy First Buy Bitcoin?

🔸First BTC purchase in August 2020 🔸First purchase was

21,454 BTC for 250 million

Reasons for purchase incl: 🔸Public health crisis 🔸Unprecedented Govt financial stimulus measures 🔸Global political and economic uncertainty

How Much Bitcoin Does MicroStrategy Own?

🔸MicroStrategy has purchased approx 130k BTC 🔸Owns over 0.6% of the total supply of BTC 🔸BTC holdings were purchased for a whopping 4 bill 🔸At an average price of just over 30,000

How Much Bitcoin Does Michael Saylor Personally Own?

🔸Saylor revealed in 2020 that he held over 17,000 BTC at an average purchase price of 9,882

🔸At present value, Saylors Bitcoin holdings are worth around 350 million

Bitcoin Price Vs MicroStrategy Share Price

🔸Intends to use their BTC purchases as a hedge against inflation

🔸Saylor has stated that the best course of action for the company is to focus on offering business intelligence software, make money off it & store value

Is MicroStrategy Buying More Bitcoin?

🔸MicroStrategy & Saylor have flaunted BTC as an asset that will play a role in the future of the global economy

🔸The company has recently filed to sell up to 500 mill worth of stock to load up their bags with more Bitcoin

When Will MicroStrategy Sell Their Bitcoin?

🔸Probably not for a long time 🔸Saylor believes the price of BTC will rise to 1 mill

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