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US Inflation: From 0.4% to 0.20% in 2022

A brief take on US inflation:

How did we get to the current (2022) 8%+ inflation?

This is easy to answer.

In 2021 US inflation was at 7%.

But in 2020, US inflation was at a 10-year all-time low of 1.4% 🤔

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2020 brought Covid19 to the world. The global pandemic is the real force that drove up US inflation, besides the fact the POTUS gave away tons of free money to anyone and everyone, rightly deserving at that time.

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On the 1st of December 2021, the pandemic took a new turn; OMICRON. Supply chain bottlenecks were already at their highest. February 2022 saw the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war. And thus began the biggest energy crisis, which is yet to be solved by all involved. inflation

We are still impacted by the growing agricultural commodity crisis coupled with supply chain challenges, let alone climate change.

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So you see it's not just one thing.

Perhaps Covid could have remained endemic.

Perhaps Putin could have chosen another century for this.

Perhaps we could have paid more attention to climate change.

Perhaps! Perhaps! Perhaps! inflation BTC Bitcoin ETH DEFI Crypto

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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