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ThalexGlobal’s RFQ “Can’t Implement” Specifics on Blockchains, Margin-efficient Contracts

1) Trade combinations for any size in an execution, margin and fee-efficient way @ThalexGlobal. A quick thread on our powerful native RFQ functionality 👇🧵

BTC ETH combos RFQ Thalex

2) Venture into a world of endless trading strategy customization. Combine multi-leg futures, perpetuals and options without slippage 🌎⚡️

3) Execution-efficient - avoid leg risk and tedious manual execution, with @ThalexGlobal 's RFQ, all legs are executed simultaneously 🤖

4) Margin-efficient - Portfolio margin benefits across futures, perpetuals and options ✅

5) Fee-efficient - Trading RFQs is not only convenient, but also provides a 50% fee advantage if legs are offsetting ⚖️

6) Dive deeper into our contract specs and trade on @ThalexGlobal here:


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