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New month starting, let's take a look at PDI's performance and rebalancing! 📊


In October, PDI had a performance of +9.8%. With the recent upward trend in the market, BTC has performed at +8.2% and ETH at +16.8%.

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Baseline Yield

5 out of 13 assets are currently earning yield on Yearn. For this month, we’ve increased the allocation percentage from 20% to 50%, boosting the

baseline yield even further.



The number of tokens within PDI has now moved up to 13 assets, capturing wider exposure to the top DeFi assets.

Committed to our methodology, in this rebalancing we’ve added BAL due to its increased market cap. We’ve also added CRV and CVX.

Interested? Read on!



Adding CRV & CVX

CRV and CVX have been seen as high-dilution tokens. But analysing it deeper, that viewpoint is outdated. Dilution has significantly tapered off:

✔️ More than 42% of CRV tokens are already in circulation, while for CVX, that figure is above 70%.



✔️ For both CRV and CVX, a significant percentage is locked in the protocols, offsetting token emissions and strongly reducing sell pressure.



✔️ Other assets that have been added to PDI (RPL, BAL, LDO) are also impacted by token dilution.

As long as other key criteria are met, the index should not treat assets differently based on the dilution they are susceptible to.



✔️ Needless to say, adding these tokens makes PDI much more representative of DeFi.

CRV and CVX represent 30% of all TVL in DeFi on Ethereum. Out of the 32 billion TVL in DeFi, 9 billion is locked within these protocols.

More to come next month!

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