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Daily Altcoin Payroll: Today’s Market Update: The Weekend Slump Was Just Beginning

1. Today's Trading Outlook:

✅ Non-Farm Payroll ✅ DXY chart ✅ BTC chart ✅ Major Altcoins ✅ Crypto Money Flow ✅ Conclusion ✅ Cryptocurrency News

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2. Non-Farm Payroll


The FederalReserve has been talking about wanting to see a slowdown in jobs to bring inflation back down!

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3. Non-Farm Employment Change came in at 261K which was in the expected range of 175k-275k.

Average Hourly Earnings m/m came in at 0.4%

This resulted in a neutral outcome for DXY and the CryptoMarkets

If wages came in at 0.5% the DXY would of taken off and Crypto crashing

4. DXY chart

Price went up to the black line and thanks to the non-farm payroll news confirmed a "retest" and went sharply down back in to the middle of the sideways purple wedge / channel.

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5. BTC chart

Bitcoin has broken out today in the breakout range mentioned 18hours ago. Was expecting today as the rest of the range is the weekend with no news events.

The resistance is a WEEKLY trend line so needs monday to confirm it. Can still be a `Fakeout` move!


6. Major Altcoins

Alts have seen a green day!

Here's a list of best performing ones:

BAND 84% LRC 44% YGG 32% OP 25% DYDX 20% MATIC 19% LDO 16% OCEAN 15% CRV 15% REN 14% CELR 14% PERP 13% SOL 8%

There were some big money flow moves before some tokens got pumped

7. Today's Crypto Money Flow:


Stable to BTC 6.8B Stable to ETH 2.1B Stable to MATIC 430.9M (still happened before it's 19% rise) Stable to BNB 317.8M Stable to SOL 161.1M (still happened before it's 8% rise) Stable to SHIB 149.2M Stable to LTC 108.3M

8. Inflow (cont)

Stable to ADA 105.3M Stable to LINK 101.2M

Rest too small to mention.


BTC to stable 126.2M ETH to stable 71.7M

Rest too small to mention.

95% of money flowing into crypto and not stable coins!

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9. Conclusion:

Crypto is seeing many gains and green days due to the DXY chart going sideways!

Non-Farm Payroll saw a neutral result confirming a retest move!

Bitcoin needs a weekly breakout confirmation!

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10. Cryptocurrency News

🚀 Federal Reserve says No decision yet on whether central bank digital currencies are right for us

🚀 FereralReserve says small rate hikes may become more appropriate in the future

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11. Crypto News (cont)

🚀 ImmutableX launches tool to enforce NFT royalties on Ethereum

🚀 The Sandbox and Brinc announce the first startups selected for its 50M Metaverse Incubation Program

🚀 65 merchants in Lugano now accept BTC and USDT

12. Crypto News (cont)

🚀 Brazil's securities regulator CVM may create a crypto market watchdog

🚀 Binance Supports MasterCard to Sell Crypto for Fiat

🚀 DOGE may drop more than 11% in the past 24 hours as Twitter suspends crypto wallet development

13. Crypto News (cont)

🚀 1000 BTC transferred from unknown wallet to Binance

🚀 USDC exchange deposits hit a one-month high

🚀 Digital Wallet Cryptillian Backs Ripple Against SEC in XRP Lawsuit

14. Crypto News (cont)

🚀 NFT Meebits by Yuga Labs launches a new activation website and provides free printing services for holders

🚀 IRS builds hundreds of crypto cases and increases hiring staff

🚀 The IRS is about to expose hundreds of cases involving cryptocurrencies

15. Crypto News (cont)

🚀 Mining company Marathon Digital produced 615 BTC in October a highest monthly record

🚀 NFT Market Quix Launches OP Bridgooors NFT, Optimism NFT Cross-Chain bridge users can now claim

16. Crypto News (cont)

🚀 Lens Protocol uses messaging protocol XMTP to provide private messaging service between profiles


Have a great day and stay classy crypto traders!

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