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GNY Range Report: 7 Days Free Access To Bitcoin Trading

The GNY Range Report is a fully-featured report focused on the BTC


All this week we are revealing new & returning features from the upcoming V2 release

Introducing our: 7-day predictive chart for bitcoinprice with 🆕Opportunity Zone indicator Publishing daily


GNY's 7-day predictive chart with Opportunity Zone indicator aims to:

-> Forecast the range of bitcoinprice volatility day-by-day for 7 days

-> Highlight where our MachineLearning model is indicating where BTC

may offer significant value to cryptotraders each day


Understanding the 7-day predictive Chart :

-> Each candle represents the most probable Bitcoin

daily high/low range as forecast by our MachineLearning model

-> A CryptoTrader DCA-ing in may aim to purchase regularly whilst in the bottom 50% band of the candle


Reading the Opportunity Zone:

-> Note the shaded upper/lower sections of each daily Candle

-> They forecast areas of increased opportunity for Bitcoin


-> Although lower probability events they offer significant value if trades targeting them are executed


To bring you the 7-day predictive chart with Opportunity Zone we:

-> Select onchain data from market-leading cryptocurrency exchanges with strong Liquidity

-> Analyse millions of transactions across multiple datasets in order to find price & volatility correlations.


For a limited time you can get 2 weeks free access to our daily 7-day predictive chart with Opportunity Zone for Bitcoin

Plus access to all the other charts & indicators featured within the GNY Range Report

Upgrade your trading:

Satoshi would!


Range Report - GNY
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