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USDX Eyes a Sell or Sell After the Bull Move


As we all know a bullish move for USDX will result in a sell or bearish move 📉 for USD pairs e.g Btc eth and other currencies paired with USD we have a bullish move on USDX earlier this week and I made it known to everyone what we should be expecting soon.

The bullish move in USDX led to the dump or sell📉 we saw in most major USD pairs.

I marked out two possible supply zones (extreme and decisional supply) where we should be expecting some real sells on USDX which will result in a pump for the crypto market in general.

Price picked the extreme supply zone earlier today and price sold off 📉

How this could have helped??

The relationship between USD and it pairs is inverse (I.e a buy 📈 in one will result in a sell 📉 in the other and vice versa)

We could have look out for a demand zone on altcoins for a buy opportunity since USDX Is giving us a sell opportunity.

Just like maticusdt…note the zone the recent 41% pump picked from…it was from a demand zone.🙂

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