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Price Analysis: $250, Not the Right Time to Invest?

Dangerous view.

I still hold my view that BTC will neither break 25k nor dump below 15 this month.

But CPI could change everything.

Till the wind changes, things remain constant.

Ride the wave, but stay safe.

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The biggest question, and the only one that everyone cares is...

"whether it is the right time to deploy capital now?"

Use BTC and DOGE as indicators, if you know that BTC is going to 250k and DOGE is going to 1...

Look at the current price, and decide accordingly

I am making it too obvious

The secret is truly risk v reward, ie R/R

Decide what game you are playing, and what is the R/R that you wish to achieve

Everyone is playing a game, but every game has different rules

Yet most people don't know the rules

Yet just blindly follow CTs

Eventually no CTs will be talking about R/R

Because R/R is technical

Most importantly, most traders aren't equipped to understand R/R

Most are degens, and just want to hit 1000x

Most are just deciding whether to leverage 125x or 150x

This is why only a few make it in crypto

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