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Buying Bitcoin at $20k Will Profit You $80k When Bitcoin Becomes $100k

Why buying Bitcoin-related stocks, such as Bitcoin mining companies, is more profitable than buying BTC itself.

For this example we will use the situation of Bitcoin being priced at 20,000 and you having exactly 20k to invest.

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If you were to buy one coin at 20k your profit would be 80k if you were to hold that Bitcoin until the price reached 100k per coin.

This is a phenomenal profit of course, but small in comparison to buying a Bitcoin mining stock such as RIOT, or MARA

Why? ⬇️

Because if you were to buy 20k worth of RIOT (currently 5.79/share) you would be able to purchase 3,454 total shares.

As the price of Bitcoin moves up RIOT rises even higher. On August 12th as Bitcoin price reached 24k RIOT jumped to 10 per share (almost double)...

When Bitcoin reached 69k in November of 2021, RIOT reached 44/share.

From 20k - 69k is a little over 3X (Buying Bitcoin) From 5.79 - 44 is over 7X (Buying RIOT)

When Bitcoin reaches 100k, RIOT will likely reach 60+ (10X from its current price).

Summary ⬇️

🔴Buying 1 Bitcoin at 20k would profit you 80k when the price reaches 100k

🟢 Buying 20k worth of RIOT at 5.79/share would profit you 186k when Bitcoin reaches 100k and share price reaches 60

Same amount invested, but with over 100k in extra profit.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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