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Could a Short-Lived Market Crash Crash Bitcoin?

Naturally, we desire a narrative... but remember, increasing maturation of the BTC

market may well make multi-year cycle theory redundant [whether 4 year or lengthening].

What if another mini parabolic breakout in an increasingly 'irregular' market?

" As speculative episodes become more frequent, so too might they become a little more restrained in their magnitude. In the aggregate, the volatility will reduce - what could be considered in this ‘cycle’ as increasing intra cyclical volatility, as relative to the previous cycle

, may also be read as a breaking up of that grand cycle altogether. In contrast to this, the current ‘cycle’ could also be considered a transition of sorts - a lengthened cycle with increased intra volatility morphing into what comes later - something messier and defying the

notion of grand cycles altogether. In this scenario, mini parabolas, of the sort seen recently, would supplant the cycle, with those mini parabolas/ manias [speculative episodes] themselves reducing in volatility. And herein would lie the road to price discovery,

which is also price stabilization, mass adoption, and a nascent currency full capitalized along the lines of Gold."

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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